Computer training IT equipment supplies and  stationary supplies

We provide training to  staff of organization according to the way they want for instance some we train inside their offices after work using their own preferred system others prefer to come to our training centre and our prices are very competitive and vary according to the services the organization need

Computer maintenance and repair services

We provide maintenance installation and repair services to organization according to the need some organization prefer their work to be done inside their offices so we sent our technician there to do service there some prefer we do it from our workshop. We are very flexible in service delivery.

Web Design

We design websites according to the client wish we also help in advising our client which material is needed while putting up a website

Printing and secretarial services

We do all the secretarial services binding photocopying printing business cards id cards books and leaflets publishing at a very competitive price at any volume we are capable of handling it.

Stationary, IT equipment and accessories supply services

We offer quality stationary and computer sales and supply services at very affordable rate.