Depot Maintenance

Kasand  Depot Maintenance Services provide an alternative to on-site support. Products are repaired at a centralized depot facility rather than at your on-site location.
Equipment typically supported by Kasand Depot Maintenance Services includes but is not limited to scanners, payment terminals, printers, monitors, keyboards, RF terminals, POS systems, network equipment, and other products on a case by case basis.
Depot Services can also complement mission critical on-site Kasand service for customers who appreciate how depot fits into an overall service model.
Kasand Depot Maintenance Services offers the following benefits:

  • Decreased maintenance cost for selected products
  • Inventory management and reporting by kasand
  • Flexible options to fit your needs and budget including a standard 'Return & Repair' as well as an enhanced 'Advanced Exchange'.
  • Single point of accountability for product repair, shipment, and inventory management
  • Minimal business disruptions with on-site personnel easily performing the product replacement