Maintenance Services

Our global reach means you can count on our service no matter where you or your customers may be.

First Line Maintenance Services
Delivers improved uptime through the dependable resolution of basic service disruptions.

Second Line Maintenance Services
Provides the comprehensive support you need to take full advantage of your investment in new technologies.

Hardware Maintenance Services
Helps you gain the benefits of kasand operational efficiency and improved IT availability. 
CR First Line Maintenance Services delivers improved uptime regardless of manufacturer through the dependable resolution of basic service disruptions such as card, paper and currency jams. Even sophisticated technology can suffer from the most unsophisticated problems. Kasand First Line Maintenance Services is dedicated to ensuring those problems don’t damage the level of convenience and quality of service you provide to your customers.
Kasand First Line Maintenance Services enable you to:

  • Manage your costs more effectively to drive higher levels of availability for your customers and make it easy for you to manage your budget through predictable service costs and reduced or eliminated out-of-scope charges.
  • Proactive and preventive problem resolution reduces the chance of later service disruption.
  • Flexible coverage and Service Level Agreement (SLA) options, enabling you to tailor service coverage to achieve the desired level of availability. This will lower your total operational costs by decreasing out-of-scope call billing.